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"Promoting the preservation, appreciation, knowledge and, especially, the enjoyment of roller coasters, past and present."
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CoasterfestTM is a trademark event name of the Western New York Coaster Club.

For a list of the 2020 Planning Committee, see the Contacts page.

The COVID-19 situation has had a huge impact on everyone, including the amusement parks with which we worked to hold events. We will be making plans for "CoasterfestTM" and "Flying High with a Blue Streak" in 2021. In the meantime, stay safe!

Planning Committee Meeting
Sunday, March 7, 2021, 2:00 PM

All WNYCC members welcome. Service Positions for 2021 are filled at this meeting. Any WNYCC member in good standing for six months is eligible to hold a Service Position. This meeting will be held via Zoom, so please send an email to request Zoom information to Yvonne Wheeler at membership@wnycc.org.

Save the dates in 2021 for CoasterfestTM and "Flying High with a Blue Streak"

WNYCC's 39th CoasterfestTM

Memorial Day Weekend 2021

"Flying High with a Blue Streak"

Conneaut Lake Park and Waldameer Park & Water World
Saturday and Sunday, August 28 and 29, 2021

WNYCC's Annual Holiday Party
Saturday, January 8, 2022

Blasdell, NY (Southwest of Buffalo)

For all WNYCC events, non-member guests must register on the same form as the registering member they are accompanying. "Member" in this case refers to both members of WNYCC or members of another club co-hosting or invited to an event. Both members and their guests must abide by the WNYCC code of conduct. Members are responsible for their guest's behavior as it relates to this code. The code covers violations of the laws of the land, or of the amusement or theme parks; failure to meet financial obligations to WNYCC; detrimental conduct; and violations of the Constitution, Bylaws, or other enactments of WNYCC. Detrimental conduct shall include any violations of the purpose of WNYCC (to promote the preservation, appreciation, knowledge, and, especially, the enjoyment of roller coasters, past and present; to create and promote among and between its members a tie of fellowship; to maintain good working relations with the parks and operate in harmony with their policies); or of the rights of its members.

Registration at an event hosted by WNYCC constitutes an agreement that each attendee will abide by the Club's purpose, including acting in harmony with the
park's policies. Detrimental conduct shall include any violations of this purpose, and future attendance may be denied for offenses committed by an attendee.

Any WNYCC members or park representatives who would like to submit an article or comment for the Gavity GazetteTM can contact gazette@wnycc.org.